SELAH at NEPI: Mission and Services


The mission of SELAH is to equip the community for effective response to family violence.  We do this through:

  • Victim/Survivor Supports (all victim services are FREE):
    • Gap Advocacy–working with victim/survivors to meet needs not traditionally addressed by existing community programs, including:
      • In-home support, for those whose circumstances prevent office visits
      • Legal advocacy for long-term court issues (parenting, post-divorce, etc.)
      • Safety planning and body safety education for at-risk children
      • Healthy relationship building through one-on-one and group support
      • Professional case consulting with community professionals
      • Connection to faith supports, for clients who identify that need
    • Enhanced Advocacy–preparing victim/survivors for self-advocacy and pro se representation through:
      • Forensic Advocacy & Cycle Mapping
      • Victimization Studies
      • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Faith Community Supports (for-fee services):
    • Emergency clergy consultation for family violence crisis response
    • Support for clergy/lay leaders who identify long-term struggle with personal experiences of family violence
    • Training for church personnel to learn effective response to family violence
    • Workshops, speaking engagements or retreat programs for youth, women’s and men’s ministries
    • Best practice standards and guidance for developing practices to meet the needs of future family violence victims
  • Community Supports (for-fee services):
    • Emergency consultation for family violence crisis response
    • Ongoing mentoring and consultation for programs desiring to improve their practices around family violence intervention and response
    • Training and workshops for personnel to learn effective intervention and response to family violence
    • Best practice standards for meeting the needs of family violence victims
    • For a complete list of available trainings, see