SELAH at New England Pastoral Institute

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It is with great excitement that we announce that New England Pastoral Institute (NEPI) has agreed to act as SELAH’s umbrella organization and fiscal sponsor, giving us the ability to seek grant opportunities and build our professional presence within the business community. We look forward to our future collaborations to equip the community for effective response to family violence through one-on-one victim/survivor support, and community consultation, training and education.

SELAH at New England Pastoral Institute remains committed to the following ideals:

  • Our Victim Services are, and always will be, FREE.  Most victims of domestic violence are struggling to get by on the resources they have, without having to pay for access to justice.  Even victims who earn a significant salary are often driven to financial hardship by the costs of legal representation and fees associated with the long-term process of protecting their children through family courts.  SELAH will not require payment from victims for their access to help.
  • We provide gap services to victims that complement the invaluable services of domestic violence and sexual assault crisis centers, and SELAH considers itself a partner in the work of these organizations.  As these programs are often struggling for operating funds, we will not compete for money that is currently offered to these programs through federal and state funding sources.
  • SELAH works with individual survivors to minimize barriers to service and prioritize each family’s safety needs; we believe that survivors of family violence are in the best position to understand their safety needs. Because of this, SELAH seeks unrestricted funding sources in order to allow us the necessary flexibility to meet victim/survivor needs on a case-by-case basis, instead of offering a strict menu of select services that may not fit individual need.

If you would like to contribute to the work of SELAH at New England Pastoral Institute, tax-exempt donations can be made by check to:

New England Pastoral Institute, 15 Ermer Road, Suite 215, Salem, NH 03079; write “SELAH” in the memo line.

To arrange for training, education and consultation services, or inquire about scheduling and fees, contact Kathy Jones, Founding Director of SELAH, at 603.890.6767 x111 or